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Stephens City Church shelters homeless Nov 19-26 to support local WATTS week-long event

Stephens City UMC (SCUMC) hosted the Winchester Area Temporary Transitional Shelter (WATTS) during the week of November 19-26, 2022, including Thanksgiving Day. Altogether, nineteen churches will rotate the weekly assignment between November 5, 2022 and March 25, 2023. The people we serve (our guests) come from all walks of life and all levels of education. Some are newly homeless; others have been homeless most of their adult life. They are mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons. Many have mental health issues, especially PTSD, and substance abuse. But all need our love and care, and that is what we offer for 7 days. Our guests are fed, clothed, warmed, and kept safe.

A huge thank you to all the groups that volunteered. The list includes the Clawson’s Bible Study group, United Women in Faith, the Koinonia Sunday School class, the Caring Outreach Group, and the Stephens City Preschool from SCUMC. Groups that partnered with SCUMC included the Stephens City Mennonite Church, Grace and Mercy Ministries, Grace UMC in Middletown, and Shenandoah University Cross-Country team.

The article was written by Deborah Phillips.

Deborah Phillips is one of the Co-Leader Volunteers of the SCUMC week-long WATTS event and serves as Secretary, Board of Directors for WATTS. Phillips has a MS in Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She worked in research labs for over 15 years, including at the CDC, Emory University, and Indiana University and as a Medical Editor for over 20 years before retirement. Phillips currently owns two businesses. She creates memory art from heirlooms as Heartsong Hill Designs (www.heartsonghill.com). She also owns a hobby farm with chickens, goats, and rescue dogs. Her second business, Heartsong Hill Hungry Goats, (www.heartsonghillgoats.com) employs her goats to offer a natural and chemical-free way to clear land.

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Caring Outreach Team donates gift basket to support upcoming WATTS Gala.

The Stephens City UMC Caring Outreach Team donated items for a basket to be auctioned to support the upcoming WATTS Caring and Sharing Gala at Bowling Green Country Club North in Front Royal. The event is to take place on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

The annual fundraiser is a fun evening with dinner, live music, dancing, raffles, and awards, with recognition for all the volunteers, churches, community organizations and businesses who make WATTS a success each and every season. The event is also the major source through which WATTS secures the necessary funding for their organization and the upcoming winter shelter season.

WATTS is truly a community effort in the fight to alleviate homelessness. Donations from generous individuals, churches, community organizations, businesses, and foundations, in combination with successful fundraising efforts, are the life-blood that allows WATTS to successfully continue their mission and keep expanding services.

Thanks to all for the SCUMC donations and also to Mildred Smith and Jane Young for creating such a beautiful gift basket!