The United Methodist Women (UMW) held a garden plant sale fundraiser on Saturday, March 27th and Sunday, March 28th.  Set up under a tent in the Church front yard on the corner of Main and Locust Streets, the ladies sold a variety of market packs (African daisies, primrose, variegated vinca, small and large geraniums, pansies and alyssum) with profits going to support our UMW missions.  On Saturday, May 1, UMW once again set up in front of the church this time to sell hanging flower baskets for Mother’s Day.  Leftovers were sold after Sunday services.  Over $1,000 was raised for UMW missions through two very successful  fundraisers. 

UMW’s mission pledge goes to support  programs and staff such as deaconesses, missionaries and home missionaries who serve the United Methodist Church globally and nationally.  Wesley Community Service Center in Portsmouth, VA is one such UMW supported institution that provides programs such as food distribution, youth development programs and family support services. Stephens City UMW also supports local missions such as CCAP and the MAMA (Middletown Area Meals Assistance) Backpack Project.

About UMW

The Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society, which later became United Methodist Women (UMW) was established in 1869 at the Tremont Methodist Episcopal Church in Boston, Massachusetts when eight women raised monies and sent two woman missionaries, a doctor and a teacher to India.  Just 10 years later in 1879, The Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society was established at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Stephens City, Virginia.  The following 1879 officers are listed in Early Days and Methodism in Stephens City, Virginia by Inez Virginia Steele: President: Mrs. Ada Shertzer, Vice President: Mrs. Etha Montgomery, Secretary: Miss Lillian J. Barnes, and Treasurer: Miss Nannie F. Stevenson.

Through the years there have been various mergers and name changes but our major effort continues to be a mission to improve the lives of women, children and youth, social action, spiritual growth and supportive fellowship.  Stephens City UMW raises funds for mission giving through a pledge to our Winchester District UMW and support missions, locally, nationally and globally through gifts, prayers and service.  Funds are raised through donations or fundraising events.

UMW membership is for woman who desire an increased participation in their church and are drawn to fellowship with study, worship and outreach activities.  UMW provides these opportunities for those that believe they have talents that are to be shared with others and who seek a supportive community to affirm their own sense of purpose and commitment to God through Jesus Christ.  There are no UMW membership dues!

For more information, contact UMW Chair Michelle Hruska.