Valley Pike: A church with a mission (Stephens City UMC in the news)

Cathy, though, has bigger goals in mind as missions chair. She’s currently negotiating with REACH Mission Trips to dispatch their volunteers to Stephens City. Though REACH may have started in a man’s garage more than 20 years ago, this is no longer a small-bore operation, as more 300 volunteers, Cathy says, descend upon a community to fix, repair, renovate, reclaim, and restore. REACH’s equipment comes a week early, but the volunteers remain on site for just the same amount of time.

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Recent news on Lending Library: Cathy reached out to the congregation for donations of Christian related books. “40 books were quickly donated and filled both shelves of the small library,” Cathy said.

The word got out into the Stephens City community and gradually all the books were loaned out. “Main Street receives a lot of foot traffic and we are so excited to see that our lending library is getting used,” Cathy added.

The library has been refilled with another 40 books, this time with many donations coming from the community. The little library functions as a church neighborhood book exchange. The idea is that someone will take a book that attracts their interest and sometime later return either that book, or a totally different one. Folks who enjoy the books can keep them if they choose. “Community participation helps us to be an inviting church. You’re promoting friendliness, general well-being and community identity,” Cathy said.

If anyone would like to donate Christian books for children or adults, please drop them off at the church office on 5291 Main Street.